Mysore Pa (pak)~Sree Krishna Sweets Style

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Mysore Pak

Deepavalli is fast approaching and this part of the year is a way for me to indulge myself in a marathon of making sweets and snacks which involves lots of sugar & ghee. The whole house smells of ghee & cardamom and there is festive mood around for a week that precedes Deepavalli.
I love the Mysore pa sold at Sree Krishna Sweets like everyone else. I just love how soft they are and it instantly melts as soon its put in the mouth...I wish it could stay longer.
There is another version of the Mysore pak that existed before a genius @ Sree Krishna Sweets invented these soft Mysore Pa, the strong brick like sweet that was sold at most sweetmeat shops.
With the new invention every shop at least the famous ones have the soft version.
The ingredients involved in making both the versions is the same but the trick in getting a perfect one lies in the making. Athai (mother-in-law) mentioned adding oil  and ghee helps in making a softer Mysore pak.
All said and done Mysore pak is a tricky sweet no doubt. I have tied it several times and I can assure you that with the recipe below you can make a decent tasting,soft melt-in-the-mouth Mysore pak. This is again Athai`s recipe and I have been making them for many years now.

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 20 min
Serves: 4
Yield: Approx 10 pieces as shown
Level:  Intermediate

1.    1 cup kadalai mavvu/gram flour/besan
2.    2 cups sugar
3.    2 cups ghee
4.    1 cup oil
5.    ½ cup water


1. Heat the oil and ghee together. Switch off the flame and add the kadalai mavvu/gram flour/besan, stir with a whisk and set aside.
This prevents the raw smell of the kadalai mavvu.
2. Grease a plate or a cake pan and keep it ready because you will not find time in between when the stirring action starts.
3. Meanwhile mix the water and sugar together in a heavy pan (preferably a non stick). Allow it to a boil until one thread consistency.
P1090772        P1090781
Now slowly add the kadalai mavvu ghee mixture and keep stirring on medium high flame.
From this point onwards do not stop stirring until the Mysore Pak is set. Keep stirring and stirring and stirring.
4. You will see all the ghee and oil absorbed to the kadalai mavvu but never ever stop stirring.
The kadalai mavvu will slowly start changing color and slowly the wonderful aroma of the Mysore Pak will creep in.
5. Now the mixture will come together and will start leaving the sides. Never stop stirring and that's a strict advice.
6. Now when you see the mixture leaving the sides easily and when your brain asks you to stop stirring, do it immediately else you
will end up in a brittle powdered form of Mysore pak. Every time I listen to mine I end up getting the right consistency.
7. Pour into the greased plate and slightly pat the pat on the sides for the Mysore pak to settle evenly. When slightly warm and when the
Mysore Pak becomes little hard cut it into desired shapes and let it sit until cool. Slowly remove from the plate and indulge in the pure
magic of the soft Mysore Pa or Pak.
8. Store them in an airtight container. It stays well for a week.
     P1090783 P1090786

Tips:  Adjust sugar acoording to your taste. The one thread consistency yeids soft Mysore pak. If you prefer the harder ones then allow to a thicker consistency.
Stirring action is very important , do not let your hands to rest. This takes only about 10 to 15 minutes of stirring action.  Do not reduce the ghee and oil , you will not want to have the raw tasting besan halwa. Mysore Pa or Pak  gains its richness from all the ghee it absorbs and so you might as well be generous with it.   


  1. You have reminded me all those marriages and sweet shops ...its so perfect ....drooling here

  2. I love this mysore pa,looks damn delicious n melth in mouth kind..

  3. Perfect Mysore-pa! 1:2:3 ratio never fails,isn't it? :)

    Love the shape of the mysore pa..just like the SKC mysorepa!

  4. Prefect mysorpak, excellent and loving that exact shape, somehow i love this rectangle shaped mysorepak than the square ones:).

  5. You mastered the art of making sweets! Love the perfect mysore pak! like the first pic a lot! tomm, going to prepare your gulab jamun!

  6. Looks perfect. Happy Deepavali, Cilantro.

  7. wow look at your picture they look fabulous.They look just like it was bought from shri krishna sweets.

  8. so Perfect! Who can resist this?

  9. can we use canola oil? your picture looks so tempting:)

  10. hi Cilantro..i made this today.. but too much oil all over the mysore pak :( doesnt look like the ones in ur pic though follwed the same measurement. What wud be the reason?

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