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P1100013-1Often, on rainy or cold winter days, I crave savory comfort food and the first snack that comes to mind is the Pakoda that Amma often made. Appa`s favorite, these pakdodas are something that I grew up with. I love how crunchy and flavorful they are when they are once out of the hot oil. Its is very very cold for the past few days in Dallas and the Pakoda seemed to be a perfect snack that will brighten my husband`s face when these were made.
Unlike other pakodas these tend to remain crisp for few days when stored in an airtight container. We also have them as a side dish with Sambar Or Rasam.


  1. 4 cups Kadalai mavvu/Besan/Gram flour
  2. 4 cups Arisi Mavvu/Rice flour
  3. 4 teaspoons Chilli powder
  4. 2 ½ teaspoon Salt
  5. ¼ teaspoon Asafoetida
  6. 2 teaspoon Baking soda
  7. 4 tablespoon Ghee/Clarified butter
  8. 1¾th  cup Water
  9. Oil for deep frying
  10. 2  cups finely chopped oinions
  11. 6 to 7 Green chillies
  12. Curry leaves and Cilantro
To Grind:
  1. 6 teaspoon Dhania/Coriander seeds
  2. 4 to 6 Garlic (with skin)

1. Mix the ghee and baking soda until frothy in a wide vessel with your palm. Now add the flours, chilli powder,salt and asafoetida.

2.Coarse grind the Dhania in a mixer. 

3. Now add the gailic and just give it a spin(do not grind to a paste).

 P1090995 P1090996
4. Add this to the flour. Roughly chop the green chillies,curry leaves and cilantro and add to the flour along with the chopped onions. 

P1090997 P1090998
5. Slowly add the water and mix gently to form a thick dough(do not press the dough). Make sure there is no dry flour.

6. Heat oil in a kadai. When hot take about 1/4 cup hot oil and mix into the dough. 

Now take some dough in your hand and slowly drop the dough into the hot oil (again do not press the dough while dropping in oil, just loosely drop them in oil as it is).
When done ( bubbles will subside in the oil ). Drain on a kitchen/paper towel.
P1100002 P1100004

TIPS: This Pakoda stays crisp for few days so I have made in large quantity to last long. Reduce the quantity in half for lesser quantity. 

I prefer garlic in the pakoda and it gives lot of flavor and it is optional. 
Mixing the dough is the key to making a crisp pakoda, I have used 1 and 3/4 cup water(depends on the flour too so adjust accordingly) . The dough should never be loose and sticking to your hands. 

Add some cashews or peanuts if preferred. Adding hot oil to the dough makes the pakoda crisp.   



  1. Wish i had that brown bag filled with the pakodas, they absloutley looks so crunchy delicious.

  2. Wow, very nice recipe. I make it the same way too..hey do u know, we can add these left over pakodas in puli kuzhambhu it tastes very nice...

  3. Sumi,
    We add them to kurma but not had them in Puli kuzhmabu. Will try next time.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. YUM. They really look like what we got in nearby stores in India. very crisp.

  6. all time favorite pakodas..

  7. Makes me drool..crispy and so yummy

  8. Wow!!crispy and delicious pakodas,your pictures make me drooling..

  9. Simply addictive and super crispy pakodas,makes me drool..

  10. Pakkoda looks super yummm! perfect for this season! :P

  11. Pakkoda looking yummy. It seems you have added onions in the pakkodas. In your photos onions added and not mentioned about onions anywhere in the ingredients list or method of making pakkodas.
    How many onions required for the measurements given by you.

    Thanks in advance

  12. I wish I had that bag of pakodas.... I would like to munch them with a cup of hot chai :-)

  13. Chd,
    Thank you, I did miss it out and I have updated the measurements and you have to include it in step 4.

  14. How are you Cilantro? I'm doing great.

    Perfect pakodas. My grandmother also used to make it like this, first starting with creaming ghee and baking soda. The other thing she used to do was add the onions and salt at this stage and leave it for 5 minutes, so that it will start secreting water. Then she used to add the flour, etc and then mix in little water as needed. The pakodas came out crispy like just the way you have mentioned.

    I haven't tried adding garlic though. Will try it the next time.

  15. I am doing good Madhuram, Thanks for asking.
    I will try your grandma`s version next time and will let you know.
    Garlic is optional and I personally feel it gives more flavor and the store bought ones often do not have garlic in them.

  16. First time here..your blog is superb,with great recipes and beautiful clicks.
    pakodas look yum and very tempting..

  17. sarada, love your pakoda's.

    Thanks for your wishes! i always love your blog and photography styles. ur adhirasam is still a dream to me..

    iam very happy to know, that i was first to comment here. Happy blogging!

  18. These pakodas look awesome. I have tasted these at a friend's house and I have got to try it.

  19. Looks yummy and crunchy..following now..

  20. I've searched for so long for this pakoda which I remember from my childhood in Chennai. Thanks you!

  21. They take time to be made.

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