Maravallikizhangu chips/Tapioca Chips

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Tapioca Chips

A nice crunchy gluten free snack and my husbands favorite, these chips are not as addictive as the potato chips but certainly are tastier, healthier and increasingly gaining popularity. While growing up we were not familiar with the store bought snacks and Amma made her snacks at home. Most often I prefer making them at home since the fresh homemade are tastier and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. A simple recipe but definitely worth the try. To read about Maravallikizhangu/Tapioca click here.
 Tapioca Chips 2

  1. Peel the dark outer skin of tapioca and set aside.
  2. Heat enough oil in a kadai/ pan, using a metal strainer immerse few curry leaves and drop in the oil and set aside when fried.
  3. Using a vegetable slicer/Mandolin slicer slice the tapioca into round discs directly into the oil. ( be very very careful while doing this). If you are not very confident then slice them on to a cutting board and deep fry them in batches.
  4. When done ( bubbles will subside in the oil ). Drain on a kitchen/paper towel, sprinkle chilli powder and salt while still hot and toss a little bit and transfer to an airtight container. Finally add the fried curry leaves ( crumble few ) and mix well.
TIPS:The chips can be sliced into thin strips (thinner than french fries) but I prefer the round slices. A pinch of asafoetida or amchur powder can be added but I prefer to keep it simple.  


  1. Crunchy and delicious chips. never know we can make this yummy one at home.nice pics

  2. My MIL makes this,I love it so much! And I have had this infinite times when I was in hostel. They sell as thin strips and we call it 'kuchi chips' :))

  3. I do quite often,can finish that whole bowl rite now,soo crispy and yummy..

  4. Chips looks very tempting..perfect crunchy munchy snack

  5. I want it right now..looks so fresh , crisp n tastyyyyyyyyyyy...:P
    you are welcome in my space..
    Tasty Appetite

  6. I like the advice, be very very careful when slicing :) Wish someone had told me that when I tried the same with potatoes peeled and just washed... It was slippery, and I sliced the top skin off my finger along with the wet potato once...

  7. Looks so gud and one of fav....wish can have some :)

  8. Wow perfectly done it...Pls pass the whole chips:)

  9. So simple but yet so delicious. Would love to try to make it at home.

  10. super crunchy the pictures!!!

  11. That is one delicious basket of chips :)

  12. Lovely click....these chips are my fav. I like the thin long ones (kucchi chips a called here).

  13. looks so crisp n yumm....thx u for ur lovely comment....u have a nice blog,keep it up!!

  14. Nice clicks and these chips are my favorite,looks so crispy and crunchy.

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