Kothimeera Pachadi/Kothamalli Thokku

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 Kothimeera Pachadi
I was amazed at how Sita aunty, our Andhra neighbor in Hyderabad churned out pickles from any vegetable and greens that she could get hold of during the season. When summer got over Aunty proudly finished off with 20 to 25 varieties of pickle surpassing her record each time. She gave us a sample of each one and we (or I) happily finished them off (I was the only one who loved pickles in my family). 
Every now and then I feel sorry for not jotting down the recipes (as I said I was happy finishing them). Amma who was not a big fan of pickles also did not make a note of all the recipes. She liked some of them and noted down what she liked. 
This particular recipe of Kothimeera Pachadi/Kothamalli Thokku should be given credit to Aunty whose recipe is below. 


  1. 12 cups roughly chopped cilantro
  2. 40 red chillies
  3. cricket ball size tamarind
  4.  2 tablespoon mustard
  5. ½ tablespoon fenugreek
  6. 1½ tablespoon salt
  7. ½ cup oil ( Idhayam oil )
1. Wash and clean the cilantro well. Roughly chop and spread it on a cloth OR paper towel.( I spread them on a paper towel and let it on the counter for about 8hrs ). 

2. Heat a kadai and dry roast the mustard, fenugreek and chillies. Add the tamarind towards the end and switch off heat. ( make sure there is no seeds in the tamarind ). When cool grind in a mixer to a powder. 

3.Heat ½ of the oil in  kadai/pan and add the chopped cilantro. Saute until it wilts and becomes soft. 

4. When cool transfer to a mixer and on pulse mode give it a two to three spins to make it a little fine chopped consistency as shown. ( Do not grind to a paste).
5. Heat remaining oil and the cilantro again and saute for few minutes. Now add the powder and salt and mix well. Keep stirring until thokku consistency as shown. Store in a clean dry glass bottle or container.

TIPS: Add red chillies according to your taste. Salt and oil helps in preserving the pickle for a long time. Taste well with Yougurt rice/Thayir Sadham.


  1. Wonderful click as usual,my MIL makes this similarly, I make thogayal as I am lazy to pat dry the leaves :)

  2. Looks delicious and love the pics ...looks yumm

  3. sounds easy and looks inviting. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Slurp, wat a delicious thokku,looks out of the world..

  5. wish i would have such a neighbor like this. Very new and yummy way of making kothamalli thokku

  6. I too have tasted this delicious pickle from a friend... Need to try it... nice pics...

  7. Ugadi greeting to you! My eyes was all over your serving pot and the shining mortar:) very pretty click. never tried this way of making thokku. will bookmark.

  8. Love this thokku. Looks super delicious.

  9. delicious combination looks yummy

  10. That first photograph is stunning!

  11. The first picture is stunning and I make similar way and love this a lot.. yummy

  12. This is brilliant and the pics looks stunning! :)

  13. beautiful pics!! thokku looks very appetizing.


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