Global Kadai - Jan 2010 Roundup

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Everyone of us at times have had those tense moments of waiting for the results and I believe, I am not a loner. I conceived upon an idea and was not sure how it would be taken by viewers (my fellow bloggers and readers ). I started “CILANTRO” about 2 years back in the month of January and I choose January to start my first event too. “GLOBAL KADAI” was received well but the response was fair at the box office~like those well scripted movies. The script, direction and production by CILANTRO was well conceived and the artists played extraordinarily with all the Indian flavors. Thank you all!
CILANTRO productions proudly presents GLOBAL KADAI featuring the Indianized version of “Mexican Wedding Cookies”.

Just a little peek at the major players:
Faiza`s  beautiful and tasty cookies has ingredients easily available in India. She has Indianized substituting the pecans with ground almonds, cashews and cardamom powder instead of ground cinnamon.
Jayasree`s has opted for coconut in place of pecans and used cardamom for flavor instead of cinnamon. She says the coconut and cardamom paired well with the cocoa and its a keeper recipe.
Nayna`s cookies are delicious and light with a crunchy texture and they have been Indianized from the original version by the addition of saffron and nutmeg.
Priya has sent in two versions of the Indianized Mexican Cookies. She has modified the recipe with cashews instead of pecans and  cardamom powder & cloves powder for cinnamon powder.
Priya`s another beautiful cookies has desiccated coconut flakes and almond powder, spiced with cinnamon powder.
Jaya`s Indianized version has nutmeg and ground ginger for flavor with almond chunks which gave them a nutty texture . She says her cookies were  a chocolaty version of the Indian nankhatai tasted slightly spicy and less buttery.
Sumi`s white soft and delicate beauties has slightly toasted and chopped almonds and cardamom to bring out the Indian flavors. She says her cookies were absolutely melt in the mouth similar to 'Nankhattai'
Take a look at Basheera`s beautiful dark brown cookies with chocolate chips and coconut. 
Check out Champa`s cookies with coconut and she has has also opted to omit chocolate to make a nice white Mexican wedding cookies.  
Finally check out my contribution of the Indianized Mexican Wedding Cookies.
It was indeed unfortunate to send back quite a number of entries which in no way came closer to the Mexican Wedding Cookie recipe.
The next hop over for GLOBAL KADAI is @ Sumi`s place and the deadline is FEB 28th, 2010.


  1. Short and sweet roundup Cilantro, just like the cookies. I have to visit some to see what proportions they used, especially Basheera's dark brown choco ones. The pic itself is very tempting. :)

  2. Excellent roundup..Enjoyed baking out this Indianized delicious mexican wedding cookies...

  3. The Chocolate one looks really good. They all look great!

  4. wow.. lovely round-up:).. very nice and yummy :)

  5. Gr8 Work Cilantro !!!
    keeping u in my blogroll as i missed out visiting ur Wonderful space last time...
    Keep with the good work

  6. Such unique variations and lovely roundup.

  7. one beautiful round up Cilantro

  8. Simply fabulous and the write ups definitely would make the sender happy and the reader to getta know more about the dish in a glance... Beautiful, beautiful work!!! Congrats on your success!!!

  9. very good roundup of yummy treats


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