Thakkali Kurma/Tomato Gravy.

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Thakkali Kurma 2
Thakkali Kurma is Amma`s signature specialty that I like a lot. On most Sunday`s, breakfast consisted of white fluffy idlis with Thakkali kurma while our family sat down together leisurely chatting our stories from the past week.
Tomatoes are blanched and made to a paste, seasoned with spices and then ground coconut paste is added to thicken it up. Goes well with Idli, Dosai and also Chappati.
  1. 5 tomatoes (I used roma tomatoes)
  2. 3/4 cup grated coconut
  3. 1/2 cup finely chopped onions
  4. 4 to 5 garlic finely sliced
  5. few curry leaves
  6. a small 1 inch piece cinnamon
  7. 3 cloves
  8. 2 cardamom
  9. 1/4 teaspoon turmweric powder
  10. 1 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  11. 3 teaspoon coriander powder
  12. salt to taste
  13. finely chopped cilantro for garnish
  14. juice of half a lime (optional)
  1. Blanch the tomatoes-Bring to a boil about 4 cups of water and add the tomatoes, when they turn soft or when the skin separates remove from heat. Let it cool, peel the skin out and grind to fine paste. See pics here.
  2. Grind the coconut to a fine paste and set aside.
  3. In another pan, heat 2 tablespoons oil and add the cloves, cinnamon and cardamom.
  4. To this add the onions, green chilies, garlic and curry leaves. When the onions turn translucent, mix in the chili powder, coriander powder and salt. Immediately add the tomato paste and ground coconut. Bring this to a boil and then simmer for about 5 minutes, turn off the heat and add the lime juice just before serving.
Serve with Idli, dosai, chappati/roti or Idiyappam.


  1. Mouthwatering side dish,bet these wud have tasted great with those malligaipoo idlies ;) I always love eating idlies with kurma,but usually I hav the left over kurma,sure i should try this tomato kurma,esp for idlies!!

  2. My mom used to make out thakkali kurmas often, its quite a long i havent with idlies...delicious platter..

  3. Delicous kurma. Goes very well with idlis/aapams.

  4. Kurma is just the right dish to go with aappams and idiyappam. Lovely colour.

  5. Lovely tasty kurma. This is one of my favorites, made slightly different by my mom. Did not grind the tomatoes and the whole spices were not added.

  6. My mom also makes like this , but she doent grind the tomaoes.Its been a long time since I made this.Should try ur version for this weekend.

  7. This is something new for me and looks very tasty. I am big time southie Food lover. Must try!!

  8. I love this kind of simple dishes

  9. I make slightly different, but I love to dip with idlis. Mouth watering pic!

  10. Presentation is moutwatering, looks very tasty.
    I'll try this next time i make some idlies.

  11. Great gravy. Can go with. roti, rice anything.

  12. I remember this from trips to my grand aunts house in Chennai - should make it, looks lovely!

  13. Mouthwatering... Kurma looks delicious...

  14. Kurma looks good .My mom makes a similar kurma. We got it with idli so often, we named it idli kolumbu!

  15. Happy Holidays & Happy New year to you and your loved ones.

  16. Lovely combo for idlies..those idlies look very soft n those kind of white idlies..

  17. It looks super delicious with those soft idlis..

  18. Perfect with hot idlies.Mouthwatering

  19. S, Made this today morning with Rava Idli. Tasted real good. So why exactly do we blanch the tomatoes?

  20. Divya,
    This is how Amma made it and to me blanching gives a fine smooth creamy kurma. Cooking the tomatoes directly will not do so.
    Thank you for trying and giving me a feedback.


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