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Adhirasam is a South Indian delicacy made with fresh ground rice flour and jaggery. Although the ingredients are simple, care has to be taken while preparing them to get the right consistency. Athai makes traditional south Indian sweets close to perfection and Adhirasam is one among them. This is her recipe for a crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside Adhiarsam~ a pure Deepavali delight.

List of ingredients:

  1. 2 cups homemade rice flour
  2. 1 cup powdered jaggery
  3. 1/4 cup water
  4. 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder
  5. oil or ghee for deep frying
  1. Soak about 3 cups rice for about 6 hours. Drain the water in a colander. Powder the rice in a mixer to a coarse powder ( It has to be in fine rawa consistency ). The powder should have some moisture. Keep aside.This should yield about 2 cups of rice powder.
  2. In a pan bring the water to a boil, add the powdered jaggery. Leave it on medium heat until it forms a thick syrup. Filter this syrup to another heavy bottomed vessel to remove any impurities. Bring this syrup to a boil to a thick two string consistency(When you put a drop of this syrup in cold water, it will not dissolve in water OR when you hold in between your thumb and index finger and slowly pull apart, it will form a thick string between fingers) .
  3. When the syrup is ready, mix in the cardamom powder. Slowly mix the rice powder with the syrup to form a smooth dough ( It should be like a smooth dough like roti dough OR when you take a small portion and roll it into a ball, it should form a smooth ball without any cracks ).
  4. Keep the dough aside at room temperature for a day.
  5. The next day heat oil or ghee ( I used oil and four tablespoons of ghee ). Apply oil on aluminum foil. Take a lemon sized dough and flatten into a round shape as shown in the picture and slowly slip them into the oil/ghee.
  6. When it rises on to the top, carefully flip them over. When it turns to nice brown color on both sides, remove them from the oil. Gently press the Adhirasam in between two flat slotted ladle to remove excess oil/ghee before placing them on a absorbent sheet of paper.
  7. Spread the Adhirasams to cool. Take care not to place them one over the other. When completely cool, store them in airtight containers. The above mentioned measurements will yield about 12 Adhirasams to the size shown.
TIPS: If the dough is little hard then add some milk to the dough, mix well and then flatten into round shape. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the adhirasam and gently press before frying in oil. 

Adhirasam~My entry for Lavi`s Diwali Sweets & Snacks event.


  1. This is tempting, but slightly complex for me to attempt.. :)

    Also, I request you to vote for my poem blog Short and Sweet
    at Indiblogger..

    Here's the voting link

  2. Last time i had this was when i visited my sister and her MIL had send a lot of these.
    Looks delicious.

  3. lol u made them at home??
    hmm u hv lot of patience dearie..
    My mom has sent them for me for the diwali,just one more left and I know that will be finished within some time..:)

  4. Adhirasam is a tricky sweet. And you have got it perfect. Good job.

  5. I love Adirasam and we usually make them at functions. Yours looks perfect both in shape and in texture!

  6. My all time favourite..Yours looks really gorgeous and prefect.....

  7. Perfect and Super Adhirasam's. Iam going to try your recipe soon.

    I love the job of pressing out the oil out of adhirasam, when young.

    where is the copyright on pics?

  8. Awesome Cilantro. Looks perfect. You make it sound simple but this one is hard for even experts. I don't mind the chewy ones, just that the mouth hurts after a while :)

  9. I too tried this for the first time alone,but alas it was a great flop :P

    I will try in this proportion and see :)

    Beautifully captured!!!

  10. a New dish for me!! Looks yummy. Nice click!

  11. Love this a lot... has come out perfect and ... me too had this for Diwali :)

  12. You are really very patient Cilantro. I can't even think of making Athirsams at home. It looks perfect.

  13. Thank you all for the inspiration I received thru your comments.
    Lavi,the copyright is at the bottom. I see my pics copied and the copyright does not restrict them, also it did not look good if I put that in the middle.
    Raks, please do try and let me know.

  14. Wow Cilantro such a complex recipe.. you have made it so simple, thxx

  15. We call it Arisa pitha ... and I really love this. You have made perfect rounds ... my are usually misshapen. :-)
    Lovely snap Cilantro! :-)

  16. I never tried athirasam. Perfect!

  17. Hi Cilantro,

    Just chanced upon the adhirasam posting on your site. It looks lovely and delish and I can almost feel the sponginess of the sweet. Happy Deepavali.


  18. So tempting..never tried this before. Nice clicks.

  19. Thats my favorite South Indian dish. I like the recipe of the adirasam.

    green tea

  20. can u suggest something easy to prepare rice at home in US we dont hv it is difficult to grind the rice.we get only rice rava and rice flour.

  21. Wow that looks perfect..MIL usually prepares this for diwali but this time she changed her mind :)..Your pics tempts me to try..

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  23. Anonymous,
    This particular sweet comes out hard if made with the store bought rice flour. It is not worth the time and effort, it turns out hard and chewy. You can try the Murrukku which I have posted. I usually make upma with the rice rawa and have not yet tried any sweets or snacks.

  24. Ur r a gr8 chef cilantro...u amke all sweets to the perfect....

  25. really mouth watering. I gues patience truly pays off in this case. Great dish Cilantro.

  26. Interesting, I've never had them. Sounds tasty :)

  27. Wow, my mom makes these and they always remind me of Diwali. Looks Good!!

  28. As odd as it seems ths is one sweet I don't like but is an absolute favourite with everyone else at home.
    We've always eaten this as wedding sweet fare. I should try making this sometime.
    Your athirasam looks perfect.

  29. This is something i would have never imagined making at home. wonderful.Bookmarked!

  30. Cilantro - you've made this in such an elaborate way - and it looks awesome - wish i can have a whole tray of this now!

  31. What a lovely blog you have got here! Athirasam is my all time favourite sweet and your pics are looking fabulous.....I have a small doubt. What type of rice did you use?

  32. Jay,
    I have used Sona Masuri rice. You can use Ponni rice too.

  33. I am in USA. Can u tell what brand jaggery U used to make the adhirasam.

  34. Hi Anonymous,
    I am not sure which brand I exactly used in this particular preparation since it is almost 3 years since I posted. I get the Jaggery from the Indian stores and the brand is usually Swad or Ravi and it turns out good every time I make it. I have not tried it with the powdered jaggery that is available these days.


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