Oregon Coast-Incredible Labor Day Weekend Getaway

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Oregon's nearly 400 miles of pristine, public coastline is made up of diverse terrain that changes from rugged cliffs to evergreen forests to Sahara-like dunes and boundless sandy beaches. From Astoria in the north to Brookings in the southern tip, one-of-a-kind attractions includes scores of quaint towns serving legendary seafood, historic lighthouses, breathtaking viewpoints, stunning state parks, galleries and museums. Mild temperatures, dramatic scenery and a wide range of recreational activities make the coast one of the state's most popular regions.

We rent out a vacation home in Depoe Bay, a small town located along a rugged rocky stretch of coastline off Highway 101. Depoe Bay offers some of Oregon's best whale watching and the world's smallest navigable harbor.
The sea wall runs the length of this amazingly small downtown. During high tide which was during our stay, we could watch gushes of water up to 60 feet high. Known as a spouting horn, these spurts of water are created when waves run beneath the lava beds on the ocean floor and are thrust up and out.

Saturday was a trip to Sea lion caves and an incredible Sand buggy ride in Florence. Some of the dunes are over 300 feet tall. There are a couple of places where you can rent a dune buggy to tour the area and we chose Sandland Adventures, just across the bridge from Florence.We went on a narrated tour that includes a roller coaster like ride over the dunes speeding along at what feels like 50 mph, some of which are almost straight down, as well as an open stretch of flat beach area. Views from the top of some of the larger dunes are incredible.
On our way back home on Monday, we went on a tour of Tillamook factory. It was indeed a great vacation for our family and friends and we were glad we made the trip.Take a peek and let me know.


  1. Wow.....awesome pics...nice to know that u had pleasant time....

  2. Wow, the beach and dunes are excellent, perfect getaway!

  3. Beautiful pictures & i wish i could have a vacation! Oregon is beautiful indeed.

  4. Awesome pics! Beautiful oregon Dear.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I can imagine how beautiful it must been in person.

  6. Wow beautiful clicks, thanks for this awesome virtual treats CIlantro..

  7. Breathtaking, Cilantro! I especially loved the first one where the sunrays beam down and also the soapy foamy picture of the sea. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Hello! Love the pics in the slide show. What a coindcidence to see you visited Tillamook the same weekend my mom did. I must check with her if they did a coastal trip as well. I do know they went to a place called Oceanside, and managed to see a whole of sea lions basking on the rocks :-)

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