JFI Deadline and Earth day tips

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Best Blogger Tips The deadline for JFI-Cilantro is rescheduled to April 30th from May 31st as previously announced. I had to change the dates based on the guidelines of JFI. I had initially planned for May 31st to give enough time for the participants as there was very little time left after I got the confirmation for the May event. Please accept my apologies. I will be posting the roundup on May 15th so if you are not able to send it on time, I can accept entries until May 10th. Thank you for your co-operation.

10 Green Tips for Earth Day:

1. Lower your thermostat. Buy a programmable thermostat.
2. Reuse your water bottle. Avoid buying bottled water. In fact, reuse everything at least once, especially plastics.
3. Check out your bathroom. Use low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets.
4. Start a compost in your back yard or on your rooftop.
5. Buy foods locally. Check out Eat Local Challenge and FoodRoutes to get started. Buy locally made products and locally produced services.
6. Buy in season.
7. Buy compact fluorescent light bulbs. You'll find more on energy-efficient products and practices at Energy Star.
8. Turn off lights and electronics when you leave the room. Unplug your cell phone charger from the wall when not using it. Turn off energy strips and surge protectors when not in use (especially overnight).
9. Recycle your newspapers.
10. Car pool. Connect with other commuters at eRideShare.
11. Consider a car sharing service like Zipcar.
12. Ride a bike.
13. Walk, jog, or run.
14. Go to your local library instead of buying new books.
15. Buy products that use recyclable materials whenever possible.
Also read: http://www.earthday.net/ and my Earlier post.


  1. Great tips Cilantro. Small things but go a long way.

  2. wow, those are not only tips to save the earth, but to save us also... Oh you have rescheduled the deadline, I wanted to make something nice and send, I guess I ll have to hurry up...

  3. Great tips cilantro..planning to send you something this week..

  4. Good post on Earth day S! :)

  5. I ve a recipe, only thing i should make it quickly and post it!

  6. Great, that i have time till May 10th.

    Thanks for Sharing the Tip's..

  7. Great tipe CIlantro...already am following most of ur tips, yet to follow few:)

  8. great tips cilantro ..... i sent a mail regarding my entry to cilantro event ..

  9. I see a different post in my reader no idea why its the post disappeared here...

  10. Very good tips!!

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