Mumbai Attacks

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Let us all condemn the attacks and pray for the speedy recovery of the injured. Mumbai has been for years a very vibrant city and it is horrifying to see the the burning dome of the majestic Taj Mahal Hotel. Terrorism will not accomplish anything and it must be checked, wherever it is in the world.

India has been under terrorist attacks for very long and it is becoming more frequent now. I would like to hear opinion from readers on any solution to control terrorism.


  1. I support you cilantro.I totally condemn the heinous acts of terrorists who have NO respect for life.God bless India and protect it against such dangers.My heart felt prayers for all the innocent victims who lost their lives.

  2. I don't know why they should kill innocent people. It is always the innocent people who are the victims.

  3. Very sad. When will we all wake up. I bet this is going to be forgotten in a few weeks, and everyone is going to go on as though nothing happened, like everytime in the past!
    That angers me.

  4. I know that it has been a while since this has happened but this is my first time at your blog. Yes...that was a very sad time for all of us indians and let us remember this day.


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