Navarathri Wishes

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Kolu also spelt Golu is an integral part of Navaratri celebrations. I grew up in a neighborhood where Navaratri was celebrated with great vigor. Most of our neighbors invited us over to look at the Kolu display that was arranged. It was also an occasion for women to visit other households. At these gatherings, songs are sung and a special known locally as sundal, made from lentil and other seasonings, was served along with fruits, Manjal/turmeric and kungumam/kumkum .

As a young girl I always wanted to have the Kolu display at our home but Amma never allowed for reasons only known to her. Therefore for my satisfaction, I arranged all the tables available at home and put few of the dolls and invited my friends over. In the evenings, Amma dressed us up in our best clothing and took us around the neighborhood.

As I grew up, things were different. Amma wanted me and my sister to learn all these customs. On the 8th day, Ayudha Poojai or Saraswathi Poojai was performed. Generally my duty was to clean all pictures, clean the poojai room and other household items.

On this day, we put our books in front of the image of Saraswathi to seek her blessings for success in our studies. Typically the whole house was cleaned, cars and bikes were washed and then a small Poojai was done. Sundal and Payasam were served~Find recipe for Sprouted Red Bean Sundal here.

It is on this day, all cars, busses, bikes, and even homes are washed completely and then decorated grandly, with yellow sandal splash or Pottu/Tikkas and kungumam/kumkum as these are good luck symbols. The purpose of this worship is to pay homage to all implements that help us in everyday life.

Vehicles cleaned and decorated for the Poojai.

May this Navrathri bring joy, health and wealth to all!


  1. What a cute write up... "Amma never let you have golu for reasons only known to her", did you ask her?
    I am curious now...

  2. Nice to read this post.... Happy Navarathri....

  3. Divya,
    I came to know later on that Amma did not want to have the Kolu for two reasons. It was not a practise at Appa`s place and having kolu might stop her from visiting our native place during the Navarathri holidays. May be she had other reasons too. I only know of these two reasons.

  4. Happy Dasara wishes to you and yours.

  5. Happy Navratri to u n ur family dear

  6. Nice write up. Reminded me of us waiting for this time ...since this was the only time we would not be allowed to 'touch our school books' when they were kept in the saraswathi pooja! :-)))) The lorrys pic is really nice .


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