Earth Day

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Earth Day is a day dedicated to the environmental health of our planet. It's observed in the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world with programs designed to educate people about Earth’s environment and threats to the environment. Activities intended to improve the environment also take place. Earth Day is most often celebrated on April 22, but some people observe it on March 21, the first day of spring. Activities surrounding Earth Day may continue for weeks or months.

Earth Day was first observed on April 22, 1970. The idea for a nationwide demonstration in support of Earth’s environment came from Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Nelson is considered the founder of Earth Day. On the first Earth Day in 1970 as many as 20 million Americans in schools and communities across the country participated in rallies and demonstrations on behalf of Earth.

Green living is about finding a lifestyle which causes no permanent damage to the planet. It's about finding sustainable answers to our needs and desires. And it's about living in harmony and balance with other living inhabitants of our world.

I have been lately getting myself to use kid safe and environmentally safe cleaning solutions. I know I would have liked this information a few years ago. Anyway, here are some simple compounds that you can make in your home and other cleaning tips that can help save Mother Nature.

Environmentally Safe (and kid safe)
products to clean your home:

These ingredients, supplemented with vegetable-oil- based soaps, lemon juice, herbs or toothpaste, can be mixed together and used to bring a natural, economical and safe shine to your home.
• baking soda
• washing soda
• borax
• salt
• white vinegar

Here are some of the compounds you can make:
• Disinfectant:

  1. Mix 1/2 cup borax (a natural mineral that kills mold and bacteria) with 1 gallon hot water.

  2. Add a few sprigs of fresh thyme.

  3. Steep for 10 minutes, strain and cool.

  4. Store in a recycled plastic spray bottle.

• Floor cleaner:

  1. Mix 1 cup white vinegar with 2 gallons hot water.

  2. For greasy floors, add 1/4 cup washing soda and 1 tablespoon vegetable-oil-based soap to the above mixture.

• Window-washing fluid:

  1. Mix 1 cup vinegar with 4 cups hot water.

• Oven cleaner:

  1. Make a paste of baking soda and hot water.

  2. Sponge onto stains and wipe clean.

• Copper-pan cleaner:

  1. Sprinkle surface of pans with coarse salt.

  2. Rub salt into stains with the cut half of a fresh lemon.

• Wood furniture cleaner:

  1. To remove water stains on wood furniture, dab white toothpaste onto the stain.

  2. Allow the paste to dry and then gently buff off with a soft cloth.

• Removing mildew

  1. To remove mildew from bathtubs, bathroom curtains and tile, make a mixture of: one-half cup vinegar,one-half cup of Borax cleaning detergent, 2 cups of water. Pour it on the dirty areas and let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub with a cloth. If mildew is still visible, use the mixture twice.

  2. To clean the toilet bowl, combine equal parts of baking soda, Borax cleaning detergent and white vinegar. Pour generously around the bowl and scrub with a brush. Or leave it over night if badly stained.

• Removing crayon, pencil or ink from walls

  1. To remove crayon, pencil or ink marks from the walls (without removing paint), take about 2 tablespoons of baking soda and mix in water.

  2. Dip a white wash rag in the solution and rub the marks away. Wipe away excess baking soda with the same cloth.

• Furniture Polish

  1. Make your own furniture polish by combining one tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar with one- half cup of olive or vegetable oil. Take a soft cloth and polish.

• Removing crayon, pencil or ink from upholstery

  1. To remove pencil, crayon or ink marks from upholstery, use dry baking soda. Use a hairbrush or similar brush to rub baking soda and remove the marks.

• Blood stains

  1. To remove blood stains, combine one quart of Borax cleaning detergent with two cups of cold water. Rinse stained clothing item in cold water, and scrub in warm water with your hands. Then dip in solution and wash by hand.

• Coffee and chocolate stains

  1. To remove coffee and chocolate stains, mix one teaspoon of white vinegar in one quart of cold water. Sponge on stain and wipe clean.

• Other hints

  1. Ironing Clothes
    To get crisp results when ironing clothes, combine 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch in one pint of water. Pour into a spray bottle, shake and spray clothes before ironing.

  2. Bug Control

  • To keep bugs out of flour, pasta, rice, pancake mix and other wheat products, put 2 to 3 bay leaves in the containers.

  • Rather than pesticides, you might foil roaches by placing bay leaves around cracks in the room and leaving out dishes of equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar. The last resort is a mix of powered sugar and boric acid (a poison). For other pests, a soapy water spray can be an insecticide, and a shallow pan filled with stale beer will kill snails and slugs.

  • To protect the family pet, alternatives to toxic flea collars include eucalyptus ointment, herbal baths and a pinch of brewer's yeast or Vitamin B with dinner.

  • Removing Grease
    To remove grease or hair from the drain, use equal parts of vinegar, salt and baking soda. Pour mixture down the drain and let stand for 15 minutes. Then pour boiling water down the drain.

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I would love to hear from you any tips about your little contribution towards saving Mother Nature .


  1. Excellent and very informative article. I was looking for removing the crayons marks. Thanks for sharing in detail.

  2. Such an informative post Cilantro. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks - I might finally be able to get the crayon and pencil marks off my walls!

  4. Very Good Tips. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Excellent tips. Lots of them I really tried and it worked. Do you know how to remove oil stain from cloth? Thanks in advance.


  6. Radha,try corn flour rubbed into the stain and leave for about 20 minutes then brush off with a soft cloth or brush. This may need several applications for a good result.

  7. It is good to hear about the Earth Day. Nice and Excellent is given by you. Thank you for sharing such a informative article.

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