Sakkaravalli-kilangu Urundai

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Sakkaravalli-kilangu/ sweet potato is high in Vitamin C, dietary fiber, Vitamin B6, potassium, and manganese, while being low in saturated fat and sodium.
Amma made the Sakkaravalli-kilangu Urundai often. These were one of the snacks we had after school~ A very simple yet tasty sweet preparation and a healthy one too.
Amma believed the biscuits, chocolates and chips sold in stores were not healthy. The homemade snacks have taken a back seat with the onslaught of the big brand names like Frito lay, ITC etc.
This particular recipe was somehow lost in the confusion I had identifying the Sakkaravalli-kilangu/ sweet potato when I moved to Seattle. Sakkaravalli-kilangu/ Sweet potato is commonly called a Yam in the United States.


  1. Cook the Sakkaravalli-kilangu/ sweet potato in a pressure cooker until cooked ( leave for two whistles ). Peel off the skin and grate the kilangu. Approximately two cups.

  2. Mix in 8 teaspoons of sugar and 1/4 cup grated coconut. Mix well and shape urundai like shown in picture.

Serve as an evening Snack or Dessert. The above measurement makes upto 8 Urundais - the size shown.


  1. hi Sarada

    super picture. i will def try this dish


  3. Really super... lokks great and fantastic click also.....

  4. Nice and Easy. New to me. I will try it out.

  5. Thank you Neha,Dhivya, Sri and kavitha for your comments.

  6. You can buy Sakkaravalli-kilangu in the Asian market or Mexican market. I am going to try this recipe. Thanks.



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