Lemon Idli Upma

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Lemon Idli Upma

Wondering what to do with left over Idlis? Amma always made idli upma. I had some left over idlis from the weekend and I decided to make Lemon Idli upma-a slight variation from Amma`s. My family likes anything tangy. From lemon, lime, oranges anything citrus is acceptable. My daughter, who hates to see or touch a lime, somehow likes lemon rice.
I have no idea why lime /Lemon are associated with yellow color. Has anyone made Lemon rice without the turmeric or with any other color? Has anyone ever had green cherry drink or brown orange juice? I think it is to do with the appearance for it is easier to identify the correct flavor when the food has the expected color. Flavor can be influenced by many factors such as the way a food or drink looks, smells, and feels. I have not experimented either.
Lemon Idli Upma is my contribution for JFI Event "The Spice cafe"

List of ingredients:
  1. 6 leftover Idlis.
  2. 1/2 cup finely chopped onion.
  3. 1 tbsp oil.
  4. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder  
  5. 1 lemon
For seasoning:
  1. 1tsp mustard
  2. 1tsp broken ullutham paruppu/ black gram
  3. 2 red chillies
  4. few Curry leaves
  5. A pinch perungayam/asafoetida
Cooking procedure:
  1. Apply some oil on your palms and crumble the idli`s.
  2. Heat a kadai/pan with a tbsp of oil and add the seasoning in the order given.
  3. Fry the onions till translucent.
  4. Add the idli`s, turmeric powder and mix well.
  5. Squeeze juice of one lemon before serving.

Serve with chutney of your choice or mix a teaspoon of Milagai podi/Idli podi to the upma.

Lemon Idli Upma is my contribution to JFI Event at"The Spice cafe"


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