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1. I was born in Secunderabad, AP India, Moved out to Chennai when I got married.
2. I can speak Tamil, Telugu and a little bit of Hindi.
3. I keep learning to cook everyday. I have large collection of recipes in my memory and want to put it down and hence “Cilantro.” Family and Friends say I can cook well.
4. I believe in the “Power of Positive Thinking.”
5. I take life as it comes.
6. I like to make my life very simple and have a peaceful atmosphere around me.
7. I believe in God but cannot accept people posing themselves as God.
8. I rarely get angry.
9. I have lot of patience in me.
10. I love my daughter and she is the most important person in my life.
11. I admire my father a lot for his determination and my husband for his sense of humor although I admire people who are artistic, smart, creative, and dynamic.
12. I Love watching movies- English,Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Any movie that is good.
13. I love listening to music especially melody. I listen to music when I am happy or depressed. I love to hear music when I am cooking-one of my secrets to a good meal.
14. I wish I knew to sing. One and only regret in life.
15. I love the fragrance of the Jasmine and the beauty of the Rose.
16. I love Thai food next only to Indian.
17. I love to read a lot about current issues to keep me updated but cannot read lengthy novels.
18. I watch cricket, football, hockey, tennis, and any sport.
19. I love watching travel and food network on the TV. I love to cook and travel.
20. I like sarees and have a large collection of them.
21. I do not like having pets at home.
22. I hate to be around pessimistic people.
23. I hate anything bitter. I eat pavakkai/bitter melon with great difficulty.
24. I hate to fall sick and take medicines.
25.Finally, I admire and love the world for all its beauty and complexities.


Picasso`s Quote: "Good artists copy; great artists steal". You may be a great artist but I appreciate if you would respect my intentions. The images and content of Cilantro are copyright protected unless otherwise noted and are not permitted to be used/distributed/reproduced/published/broadcast without my prior written permission. To request for permission or for commercial use of photos/content from my site, please send me an email at mailmecilantro@gmail.com.


  1. You can contact me thru my email which is mailmecilantro@gmail.com

  2. Hi,

    Just found your blog through indiblogger, and really like the look and feel of your blog.

    The Cranberry recipe caught my eye...my being in Canada and all!


  3. Hey,
    From Indira's blog, I noticed that you are hosting the JFI event for May 2009, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere on your blog?

  4. I got the confirmation 2 days back and I shall post the announcement shortly. Thanks for your patience and looking forward to your participation.

  5. Its good to know more about you Cilantro :)


  6. Hey..This is Anandhi. Hope you remember me :) I went thru the blogspot. Very interesting. I do remember the taste of your cooking. Yes you do a great job.. I had loved your cooking.
    The murukku pic was amazing. I can visualise the taste, it just looked perfect.

    Today I did learn abt the depth of you. Pretty interesting person u are.

  7. Dear Cilantro,
    You have a beautiful blog with interesting recipes:) The photos are amazing too:)
    Cheers and do visit,

  8. I loved reading this section of your blog.Very Interesting introduction!The pictures in your blog are amazing!

  9. Dear Cilantro (Would have loved to address you by your name!)
    Loved your blog, your pictures are so real and gorgeous.
    Absolutely love your veggie recipe collection...

    psst: I couldn't help smiling to myself on some of the props in your pictures, I have them too...

  10. Hi,

    This is my first time to your blog. What a wonderful blog. Excellent recipes and perfect photos. I would definitely be checking in very often. I started a blog recently ad this is the address.


    Take a look when u get time.


  11. Your way of presentation is great!

    The quality of photos are very professional.

    Best wishes

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    well said..all the best
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  13. Hi your blog is really helpful but you havent mentioned your name.
    What is your name?

  14. Read your list describing you. Very interesting and amused that I see a lot of similarities between your thoughts and mine. Lovely site.

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